Boating in Singapore


Where to go boating in Singapore?

The most visited amongst all of Southern Islands by boaters in Singapore is surely Pulau Seringit (Lazarus & St John) as well as Pulau Hantu, Sister Island. These are beautiful islands and offer quiet lagoons that boaters can come to shore and have a great picnic along the shorelines.

Just a short distance beyond Pula Hantu is a group of islands like Pulau Sudong, Pawai, Salu & Senang which when the military does not have training like during the weekends, are accessible to boaters because of their locations and restrictions, fishing and diving are actually great here and dolphins are sighted commonly in this vicinity during certain period of the months.

What are the Southern islands in Singapore?

There isn’t any official definition or boundaries of the Southern Islands, but it is a common consensus that the Southern Islands consists of these 8 main islands:
▪ Sentosa Island
▪ Saint John’s Island
▪ Lazarus Island
▪ Seringat Island
▪ Kusu Island
▪ Sisters’ Islands (Big Sister’s and Small Sister’s)
▪ Tekukor Island

However, when locals say “Southern Islands,” they are usually referring to only St. John’s and Kusu islands. This is probably because the public ferries that bring visitors to the southern islands only have 2 drop-offs, namely St. John’s and Kusu.

What can I do at the Southern islands?

  • Big Sister’s Island ~ Picnic, swimming, snorkel, visit the beach, Intertidal walk (only possible during low tide) diving (must be done with dive approved operators), explore the island.
  • KUSU Island ~Da Bo Gong Temple, Wishing Well, Kusu Kramats, Tortoise Sanctuary, Swimming, picnic, See Singapore skyline, Take part in the Kusu island’s annual pilgrimage

  • St John’s Island ~ St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory, St John’s Island Beach, picnic, Intertidal walk (only possible during low tide, Overnight stay, NParks Guided Walking Tours, Walk to Lazarus Island and Seringat Island, Lazarus Beach

Where can i berth my boats?

  1. Marina @ Keppel Bay

  2. Marina Country Club

  3. One Degree 15

  4. Raffles Marina

  5. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

  6. SAF Yacht Club Changi

  7. SAF Yacht Club Sembawang

  8. Changi Sailing Club

How much does it cost to berth my boat?

Wet berthing costs are generally in the $480 to $1,500 per month range, depending on location and the size of your boat.

How much is a boat in Singapore?

Boats come in all shapes and sizes, and the prices can vary wildly. As with cars, a second hand boat costs significantly less than a brand new one.

Generally, prices cost from about $50,000 onwards for a second hand boat. On the other end of the scale, some of the biggest, fanciest yachts with spacious onboard living space can cost over a million bucks.

How can I buy a boat in Singapore?

The easiest way is to approach a boat dealer. Dealers usually have a mixture of brand new and second hand boats for sale.

If you are not paying the full cost in cash, some boat dealers will offer their own loans if you are buying one of their boats. Alternatively, you can seek financing by taking out a personal loan.

Does a boat require insurance coverage?

The answer is YES.

Your boat insurance premiums will depend on factors such as boat model and size, as well as what your boat is being insured for. Most insurers will offer hull coverage, which protects the hull as well as the items attached to or kept and used on the boat, such as marine electronics.

Other features that might or might not be included are cleanup coverage in case of fuel spills, and removal of wrecks. You should also check the limits of the territory in which your boat is insured.

Be prepared to pay at least $1,200 a year for the most basic insurance plans.

How much is the maintenance & repair of a boat per month?

Your maintenance costs will obviously depend on how frequently and intensively you use your boat. If you use your boat every weekend, you should budget at least $500 to $1,500 per month. This cost includes the cost of fuel and any repairs or replacements that must be made.

Other than mechanical checkups and maintenance, you should also take into account costs such as marina memberships fees, cleaning services and the price of getting your boating license if you do not already have one.

Is a boat/yacht a liability of an investment in Singapore?

Like a car, a boat is a depreciating asset. You will be paying significant costs in order to operate and maintain it, and you are unlikely to be able to sell it at a much higher price than you got it for, unless you are undertaking major restoration or renovation works.

That being said, it is still possible to monetise your boat or yacht by renting it out. For instance, there is quite a bit of demand for weekend yacht parties in Singapore. This does take extra work though, as many yacht rental businesses provide not only a crew but also perks like champagne buckets.

What is the total cost of owning a boat for a year (minimum)?