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About SPBA

SPBA is a National Sports body that supports pleasure boating in Singapore.


When SPBA first started in 1979, SPBA focused on promoting powerboat racing and soon expanded to leading convoys overseas to nearby islands in West Malaysia, Batam, and Bintan. SPBA aims to promote boating for families while keeping it affordable and safeguarding every citizen’s right to enjoy unrestricted freedom of the seas.

SPBA did not start off immediately as an Association but casually as a boating fraternity to promote powerboat racing and pleasure boating. It officially became a National Sports Body under Singapore Sports Council on 14 March 1979.


The five founding members were Michael Gaw (first President), Dr John Lai and Gerry De Souza, Jeffrey Leng and Dan Soon. Ms. Khatija was appointed the secretary.

The Association’s first office was located at Marina View Boatel off Ponggol Point.   


As Singapore rapidly grew into a modern metropolis, the boats parks & boatels faded away and were displaced by modern marinas that gave birth to the explosion of the larger boats and yachts you see today. Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licenses (PPCDL) became mandatory and marina memberships became a prerequisite for storing boats. Thus, the marinas began to be professionally managed and soon displaced the role of the SPBA.

spba logo

Gerry De Souza had the SPBA logo updated in 2014 with a better-looking Lion head, the Lion being the symbol of Singapura with the initials SPBA. The blue perimeter represents the seas surrounding our Island Nation. 

Our Objectives

  1. To work closely with the MPA and other relevant authorities to promote safe boating in          Singapore

  2. To set safety guidelines for pleasure boating

  3. To promote the sport of pleasure boating

What do we do?

Currently, the SPBA operates under the umbrella of Sport Singapore to support pleasure boating as a recreational sport. Being a neutral, nonprofit organization, the SPBA works closely with the MPA on maritime projects and in committees to promote safety at sea. The SPBA continues to conduct PPCDL courses regularly to keep in touch with the new generation of boaters.


In 2019, the SPBA re-launched powerboat racing in the T750 class thru an affiliation with the Asian Powerboat Association to promote T750 powerboat championships in Asia.


In 2021, SPBA embarked on a collaboration with Marine Stewards Singapore and Singapore Boating Industry Association to promote sustainable fishing and marine conservation.

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