Singapore Power Boat Association supports all the Authorized PPCDL Centres in Singapore and will refer candidates to specific centres of geographical convenience to them. You may contact us via email or the centres directly. We wish all our members & friends the very safest & enjoyable boating always.

 Table 1: Classes of the powered pleasure craft driving licences

Length  < 24 metres  ≥ 24 metres
Requirements: PPCDL APPCDL


Training Cruise Calendar for APPCDL Log
Schedules:  TBA – Please Enquire


Table 2: List of PPCDL and APPCDL Training Centres

PPCDL Centre  Tel no PPCDL Person In-charge/Rep

Chief Instructor

Changi Sailing Club 65452876 / 97111411 Mr Edwin Low Cpt Jon Lum
Marina Country Club 65644866 / 63856166 Mr Derrick Ong Capt Hilbert
1 Deg15 Marina Club 63056988 Mr Rudy Puystens Cpt Henry Tay
Raffles Marina 68618000 / 97111411 Mr Prakash Reddy Cpt Jon Lum
RSYC 67689239 Mr Foo Say Juan Capt Hilbert
SAFYC 67583359 Mr Wee Chin Maj Dickson Kuak
SPF Aquatic Club 63767126 / 63762746 Ms Joanna
SPBA 64455108 / 96232411 Maj William Francis Maj Tan Hua Chiow
Water-Venture (Changi) 65644866 Mr Dharmalingam Maj Jimmy Chua
SPBA (sea sorties only) Maj William Francis Maj Tan Hua Chiow
Singapore Polytechnic  677721316 Capt Mohd Fadil Capt Mohd Fadil